New Director Identification Numbers to Come Into Effect

The Federal Government has begun implementing the Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program, as part of the 2020 Budget. The MBR program includes the introduction of the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) and the Director Identification Numbers (Director ID).

A Director ID gives Directors a unique identification, which aims to prevent the use of false or fraudulent Director identities. All current Directors and anyone wanting to become a Director, will need to apply for a Director ID, from November 2021.

This number will be used to identify you as a Director for all of your companies.


31st October, 2021

If you are a Director on or before this date, you must apply by 30th November 2022.

1st November 2021 – 4th April 2022

If you become a Director between these dates, you will need to apply within 28 days of appointment.

5th April, 2022

If you become a Director after this date, you will need to apply for a Director ID number, before registering a company.



Only a Director can apply for their own Director ID. This cannot be applied for by anyone else, on your behalf.

All Directors must have a MyGov ID. If you have a MyGov ID, you will not need to do anything further until November 2021.

If you don’t apply for a Director Identification Number during the required time-frame, there may be civil or criminal penalties and you may be issued with an infringement notice.

More information can be found here

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