Business Support Programs

Developing a profit strategy

This program enables you to determine the percentage increases need to turn your business into the profit levels you require. It is amazing how small change can have such a large impact.

You may want to take issue with the assumption that there are no consequential impacts. However, you cannot deny the fact that small improvements, made to each of the four factors that determine your profit, combine to give a staggering overall impact on profit. And of course, the reverse is also true. If you discount your price, allow your sales volume to fall, fail to control your fixed costs and let your variable costs get away from you then you can destroy a potentially profitable business. This can happen very quickly.

Business Valuations

Many business owners have a perception of their business value only to be disappointed at the time of eventual sale.

Emotional attachment can cloud the issues. By combining the program above with our business valuation calculator it can easily show the changes needed to build value. However, it goes without saying that the time to do this is long before you plan to sell as you need time for the changes to have the required impact. Our software is the starting point. 

Business Health Check

The business health check is a series of questions grouped into the various sections of your business and business life. 

The answers to the question proved a graphical report highlighting the areas of strengths and weakness which in turn assist in providing the direction need for change. It is easy to allow an overall view to lead us to ignoring the poor areas of our business. if we continue to ignore them they become significant in their impact.

Staff Appraisal

This is a series of question by group that allow you to pin point in conjunction with your staff member as to the area that needs development. It removes the emotion from the discussion and focuses on the issues not the person, hence, becomes more productive.

Action Planning Management

Many people know what needs to be done, however, allow the day to run away with their time and focus. In our business life we can easily get taken away from the task at hand to address the issues that crop up in business. The action plan management tool allows us to remain focuses in the activity.