Grasp the Moment

Robin Williams was well thought of in many roles, but surely, none more enduring than that of John Keating the English Teacher, in the 1989 film ‘Dead Poet’s Society.’

One of the messages he was passing on to his students was ‘Carpe Diem’. ‘Seize the Day’. In today’s world, it is perhaps more appropriate to seize the moment.

Success in many businesses often, goes directly to the ability of the business owner, to grasp the opportunity, earlier, quicker or better, than competitor’s.

Every day, we schedule meetings to attend to the needs of the business but often they are cancelled and we attend to what we perceive as the urgent and the major issues confronting the business are not addressed..

So busy are we reacting to disruptions, changes, new rules, regulations and restrictions and the pressures they all bring, often the working on our business never happens.

Every business needs a plan that considers your expectations for the future of your goals. Without such a plan, how do we measure our success? The plan does not need to be complicated or long. Start with a simple SWOT analysis and you will easily develop a plan.


Make the time to develop the plan, set aside the time to monitor your plan and seize the moment.

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