The current definition of a “close contact” is as follows:

  1. A person who is a household member or an intimate partner of a COVID-19 case during their infectious period; or
  2. A person who has had close personal interaction with a COVID-19 case during their infectious period; or
  3. A person who has been notified by SA Heath that they are a close contact with a COVID-19 case; or
  4. A person who has been at an exposure site during the exposure period for that site.

You will have had “close personal interaction” with a positive COVID-19 case if your interaction:

  1. Has been for 15 minutes or more; and
  2. Masks were not worn by the person and the COVID-19 case; and
  3. you were in close physical proximity; and
  4. the interaction occurred in an indoor setting.

That is, two people must be within 1.5 meters for 15 minutes or more, not wearing masks and indoors, to be deemed a close personal interaction.

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