Need Help Understanding THE AGED CARE Riddle?

28th January 2020
We at Henson Lloyd Accountants have identified the need to get advice from someone who understands the Aged Care Industry.
Are you or someone you know:
  • distressed / stressed / anxious / sleep deprived
  • confused about the next step
  • having their work day interrupted by the needs of their relative who is going down hill
  • involved in tension between siblings over what to do about Mum or Dad
  • stretched to breaking trying to manage parents / work / their own family
If you have an elderly relative that:
  • is becoming confused / anxious and is living alone OR
  • has had a major health crisis – broken bone / stroke / heart issue OR
  • has cognitive and health issues that are negatively impacting their family OR
  •  is no longer able to cope at home OR
  •  is suffering from social isolation living alone – long, lonely nights OR
  •  is no longer able to do their banking / paying bills OR
  • says ‘Yes’ to every door-to-door salesperson or telemarketer who asks for money OR
  • has been advised by doctors at the hospital that they can’t return home
Gail Miller, a client and author of The Aged Care Puzzle is available to work with clients, relatives, friends and associates at Henson Lloyd Accountants. Gail will meet with you or your family or friends. Normally, Gail charges $250 for a one hour consultation, we are prepared to pay half of this amount to assist you to receive the right advice.
Collaboratively Henson Lloyd & Gail Miller can be part of your solution by acting as a liaison for the family, providing information or assistance with any of the following:
  • at the initial appointment, listen to what’s actually happening for the family
  • identify which concerns we can help with and which need to be handled by other professionals
  • liaise with professionals to introduce them to the client and if required, be the link to facilitate a smooth path throughout the entire process
  •  ensure that all elements of the Aged Care journey
  •  Residential Aged Care placement
  •  Home Care services are covered to the satisfaction of the client and their family
  • Educate clients on how the right professional can not only help, but potentially save them significant money. Some decisions can be costly if undertaken without the correct advice.
Please call the Henson Lloyd office on 08 8431 1644 to arrange your consultation.