MyGovID – our experience and advice

27th February 2020
Firstly – Please be aware that MyGov ID is different from MyGov (a lot of people are getting confused with this).The ATO have a direct phone line for MyGov ID which clients are welcome to call for extra help.
1300 287 539 Option 2
1.Set up your MyGov ID
  • Download the ‘MyGov ID’ App on your phone – (remember, this is different from MyGov)
  • Create an account, using your PERSONAL email address (do not use a shared work address as this MyGovID will travel with youpersonally), enter your DOB. Verify your identity using Drivers Licence, Medicare card, Birth Certificate or Passport. (Only 2 are required)
2.Set up a Principal Authority and Linking your Business to your ID
The first person that is required to set up the account for a business needs to be a Principal Authority. This is the person whose name is connected to the business on the ABR website, etc. Once the principal authority has created their MyGov ID, they need to log into the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) and select ‘Link your Business’ – follow the prompts by entering address and other required information (ABN) etc.
3.Adding Others to your Business
Once you have linked your business, you then have the option to add others to your business (I.e. Bookkeeper, Partner, etc) Each person that is required to access your business portal must have their own personal MyGov ID (they cannot be shared).
  • Using RAM select ‘View or Manage Authorisations’ and select your business name
  • Select ‘Add New User’ (blue button) – Standard User – Enter new user’s first/last name and PERSONAL email address – Continue
  • Select Yes or No to make new user an Administrator (Both Authorisation and Machine) – Continue (Administrator has the ability to add new users as required)
  • Select ‘Custom’ or ‘Full’ access to Australian Taxation Office – Continue
  • Select Authorisation box – Continue
Pop up box with email being sent to supplied address with an activation code. (New User has 7 days to activate with the code) New user will receive an email with instructions on how to activate – Follow the prompts and enter the code where required.
4.Custom Access to Business Portal
If you selected the new user to have custom and not full access to your business portal, the Principal Authority or Administrator needs to log into Access Manager to apply the right access.
Follow the link below for further instructions:
ATO – MyGov ID Support
1800 287 539 Option 2