Leadership Through Challenging Times

21st May 2020


Leadership is never easy, there will inevitably be the occasional crisis, presenting leaders with new challenges that they need to address.


Sometimes these challenges will be unprecedented, such as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic while others may not be of this scale. As every situation is different, there is often no one ‘best’ way to respond.

While there is no magic recipe, we provide below 4 strategies that you as a leader should adopt, which will assist your leadership to be the strong, decisive & capable. Particularly during times of fear and uncertainty. The people around you will needs your leadership.


Be adaptive.

Stephen Hawking once said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. A strong leader is intelligent and resilient and adapts their plans to fit the circumstances.

Knowledge may be power, but it’s wasted if you’re not able to adapt to changes in your industry and the job market. This is very timely, as Hawking suggests, intelligent leaders are able to see the changes coming, and adapt accordingly.

Be flexible and adaptive with your decision making, appreciate your existing plans and strategy may need to change or alternatively, you might need a completely new plan. Consider the changing needs of the market and your clients as you adapt existing plans or develop new frameworks.

Start thinking about your business in the future, how will it look, how do you get your business back on track? Develop a business recovery plan.


Tune out to the endless media hype regarding the Covid-19

We have spent the last 8 weeks going to work, helping clients survive during this extremely difficult time and arrive home each night to endless media speculation about the pandemic. After a while it becomes very disheartening. Do yourself a favour don’t watch the news everyday, have a glass of wine and do something that relaxes you and removes you for a couple of hours. This will help refresh you for the tasks ahead.

It’s important to focus your attention on what is important to you and your business. How can you support your team and create a resilient business? Working on a plan for your business will help you feel more in control of the future and focused on what you can do during this time. Set clear expectations for your team and objectives to assist them to navigate the uncertainty with a degree of clarity.


Empower your team

Communication is key to maintaining team cohesion and morale. Through times of change and uncertainty, communication is even more important to ensure an understanding of what is happening at both an organisational and individual level and to manage expectations. Whether it’s through regular check-ins to see how people are doing or collaborating on ideas for the future, you can empower your team to feel positive about the business, despite the challenges ahead. This is so important for the people you work with and customers, call them, show them you care.


Look after yourself

When we board an aeroplane, we receive instructions from the airhostess, their advice is to put your own oxygen mask on first in order to help others. In order to take care of others you need to take care of yourself first.
Take time to relax, spend time with your family and keep fit and healthy.


Tempestuous times can make good leaders great. As you rise to the challenge, provide a calm and composed direction into the future.