17th April 2020


EMPLOYERS – Be Prepared!

It is almost time to register your business for the JobKeeper Stimulus, if you are eligible.

Registration opens 20th April 2020.


Please use this checklist and follow the links to ensure you are up to speed:


1. Check your businesses eligibility:

a. Complete our JobKeeper Stimulus Calculator as a guide to test your eligibility

Jobkeeper Stimulus Calculator – Quarterly

Jobkeeper Stimulus Calculator – Monthly


b. Follow this link to the ATO for further eligibility information


2. Ensure you have an active Business Portal using MyGovID:

a. Our “how to” instructions can be found here


b. ATO instructions can be found here


3. Download the ATO Employee nomination notice:

Download the form from the link below and complete for each eligible employee—employee-nomination-notice/


4. Enrol and Register for the JobKeeper Payment (from 20th April onwards)

You must analyse and confirm your businesses eligibility to participate in the JobKeeper Scheme.

The enrolment form must be lodged by 26th April 2020 if the business wishes to claim for JobKeeper payments for the month of April 2020. Otherwise the form must be lodged by the end of the fortnight that the employer first wishes to claim.


5. Pay your eligible employees:

Ensure you have paid your eligible employees a minimum of $1,500 per fortnight for the period 30/3/20 to 26/4/20 – these payments must be made before the end of April.


Should you require any assistance with this, as always, we are here to help!