Business Profit Strategy

Developing A Profit Strategy – this program enables you to determine the percentage increases need to turn your business into the profit levels you require.


You can download the program free and play with the spreadsheet. Enter your own figures and see the significance small changes can have on your business. It can be seen that a 5% favorable change in each of the four factors without a consequential unfavorable impact on each of the other three would result in a substantial increase in profit.

You may want to take issue with the assumption that there are no consequential impacts. However, you cannot deny the fact that small improvements, made to each of the four factors that determine your profit, combine to give a staggering overall impact on profit. And of course, the reverse is also true. If you discount your price, allow your sales volume to fall, fail to control your fixed costs and let your variable costs get away from you then you can destroy a potentially profitable business. This can happen very quickly. After checking your own business by downloading the program give us a call for your free discussion to determine your needs.